Your hotel located

between Alfeld and Stadtoldendorf.

Welcome - Lampes Posthotel

Theme buffets (min. of 20 people)  

„Classic buffet“


ο Lobster cream soup


ο Choice of blue white fish
ο Slices of roast beef
ο Slices of duck breast
ο medallions of pork fillet
ο bread and butter

Main course

ο Turkey breast with curry sauce, served with rice
ο Grilled medallions of fresh salmon on spinach leaves
ο Braised steak with gravy and bread dumplings
ο fresh regional vegetables


ο Mousse au chocolat

Mediterranian buffet

ο Tomato cream soup


ο Bresaola
ο Tomato-Mozzarella
ο Parma ham with melon
ο Salads of the season with balsamico dressing and baguette

Main course

ο filled mushrooms scolloped with cheese
ο pork cut into strips with Provenial sauce and noodles
ο Involtini (filled rolls of veal) with ratatouille and risotto


ο Cream of mango and passion fruit

Bavarian Buffet

ο Beef stock with stripes of pancake


ο beef breast in vinaigrette
ο potato salad
ο Obatzter (Bavarian mix of soft cheese and different spices)
ο small meat balls
ο Landjäger (spicy sausage), smoked ham
ο bread, butter, rolls and pretzels

Main course

ο Grilled knuckles with gravy
ο Bavarian veal sausage („Weißwurst“) with mild mustard
ο haunch of duck with red cabbage and dumplings


ο Bavarian cream of vanilla with raspberry

Lower Saxon buffet

ο Beef stock


ο smoked trout fillet
ο pickled herring fillet (home-style)“
ο home made pickled pork
ο meat balls
ο pasta salad
ο bread, butter, remoulade


ο roast pork with gravy served with potatoes au gratin
ο beef goulash with red cabbage and spaetzle
ο baked chicken leg


ο red fruit jelly with vanilla sauce

Italian buffet

ο  Minestrone


ο  various pickled vegetables
ο  carpaccio (fillet of beef)
ο  bruschetta with tomato
ο  vitello tonnato
ο  ciabatta

Main coures

ο Turkey piccata in tomato sauce with tagliatelle
ο Medallions of pork fillet with mushroom cream sauce and gnocchi
ο fussili with stripes of salmon in a white wine sauce
ο selection of mediterranian vegetables


ο Tiramisu