Your hotel located

between Alfeld and Stadtoldendorf.

Welcome - Lampes Posthotel

Snacks and starters

We deliver a minimum of 40 pieces in total and 10 pieces of each kind.


ο blue white fish: salmon, trout, halibut, prawn
ο sirloin
ο parma ham
ο salami
ο cheese
ο duck breast
ο tartar
ο eel
ο goose liver parfait
ο bresaola
ο chicken breast roulade
ο fillet of pork


o raw ham
o Mettwurst (German pork sausage)
o smoked pork chop
o cheese
o turkey
o cooked ham
o camembert (french soft cheese)
o ground pork

finger foods

ο parm ham
ο leek quiche
ο avocado tartar
ο pickled herring tartar
ο salmon tartar
ο sirloin rolls
ο meatballs on potato salad
ο prawn on artichoke
ο chicken nuggets with mango-chili dressing
ο little spits of tomato and mozzarella
ο venison terrine on toast
ο shrimp cocktail
ο cavier on mini blinis
ο puff pastry with a mousse of smoked salmon
ο diced pepper tuna
ο snail quiche
ο prawn with scallops
ο goose liver parfait on toast
ο slices of roast saddle of venison with Waldorf salad
ο trout tartar with horseradish
ο mini wraps
ο smoked salmon mousse in tartelettes
ο tomato bruschetta
ο goat cream cheese with Williams pear